Today, Turkish Dentistry, with its organization, scientific level and its industry, has reached to the power and maturity in the international scale to compete with the entire industrialized countries. The competitive capacity and the vision acquired are increasing our expectations for the future.

Turkish Dental Association entered into a long-termed endeavour for this aim following its establishment; and has become a prestigious professional organization well known with its mission and international relations, both in its region and in the globe.

On behalf of our country, in order to reach our target which we have determined, Turkish Dental Association has taken a leading role by improving the unity and by displaying the conjugate movement decision with Dental Faculties, Scientific Dental Societies, Dental Equipment Industrialist and Businessmen Society and Dental Technicians Chambers, who are the components of our profession.

In this context, besides its active memberships in FDI and ERO, Turkish Dental Association continues its highest-level professional solidarity with Balkan countries, Turkic Republics, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Arab countries.


Turkish Dental Association (TDA) is one of the most active professional associations in Turkey and it acts as the collective "voice" of nearly 40.000  dentists and  is founded on June 7th, 1985 as a regulatory body for dentistry in Turkey and the central office is located in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara.


Dentists are organized through local chambers which exist in every city  where the number of the dentists is more than  100  and the delegates of the chambers are all represented in the organization of TDA. Currently there are 43 dental chambers functioning under the supervision of TDA. The Supreme Board of Directors and the Supreme Boards of Auditors and Disciplinary of TDA are elected by local delegates in the General Assembly for a period of two years.  The problems of the dental profession and the solutions are discussed in these General Assemblies.

The Council of TDA consists of 11 members. There are 5 members  in the Auditors Board and 9 members in the Supreme Disciplinary Board.  The Council regularly meets at monthly intervals. The Supreme Disciplinary Board has regular meetings in January, May and October, while the Supreme Auditors Board meets twice a year. Besides the Council and the Boards, there are also functioning commissions under the supervision of TDA.